Love Navigator

First book by Connie, now available at Joint Publishing Hong Kong; Commercial Press and Chung Hwa Book.

‘I used to believe the old saying, “Men are from Mars women are from Venus” but after reading Love Navigator I think it's more a case of, men are from Neverland women are from Wonderland. Men are like Peter Pan who never grows up while women are just like Alice dreaming in the Wonderland.’

Internet talk show D100 presenter, Yauching Yuen

LOVE NAVIGATOR is the first book by Connie Yung. She shares the ups and downs of modern day singles love lives. You will travel with Connie as she inspires the love lives of 4 single men and women; tasting the bitter sweetness of their journeys.

Tracy asks, ‘We all say men love a little bit of wildness in women. I just wonder why it doesn’t work on all men.’

Connie suggested, ‘Men in their forties are totally different from men in twenties. They are just too busy with work and just want to have peace of mind after work instead of having another boss at home to report to or a baby sit to 24/7’. - MANAGE YOUR MEN from LOVE NAVIGATOR

In the preface, Connie puts it like this, ‘Some say it is all about luck. You are single because you are out of luck. Every relationship is just like a journey which is full of surprises and uncertainties but there is always a force of destiny pushing you to the destination of your journey’.

In real life, Connie Yung is the founder of premium matchmaking service DATE AND MATCH. Her purpose is to match single men and woman in the city who have been waiting too long at the boarding gate of love. Through Connie, they can meet and fall in love.

The book has five main chapters: Boarding Soon – Single reasons; Easy Come Easy Go – Catch your flight; Flight Safety – Love do's & don'ts; Love's Journey – Falling in love and Search your Navigator – Secret of matchmaking. Love Navigator, a journey of love you have never experienced.

Love Navigator, is now available at Joint Publishing Hong Kong; Commercial Press and Chunghwa.