Premium Service

Your Hong Kong Matching Service
Connie pioneered a personalized one-on-one matching scheme to find you a life partner based on your background, character and personal requirements. Since the establishment of our Hong Kong matching service, we have always adhered to our pledge:

  • You will have a choice. Our dating for men and women allows you to see photographs and read profiles of suitable partners, and only if you consider him/her suitable, will a date be arranged by our team. The aim is to succeed at first try.
  • We offer dating for professional people who are genuinely looking for a partner; and their details have been checked. Therefore, the people you will meet are all real people who are looking for a long term commitment.
  • We respect your privacy and keep your details strictly confidential.

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What do we mean by personalized matching scheme?
  • We do not use a routine sift-and-match method with our dating for men and women;
  • Nor do we use computer models matching people simply by age, height and profession;
  • We start by listening to you and trying to understand your background, character, requirements and expectations;
  • We then select and suggest the most suitable partner for you to consider, based on your character, interests, profession/job, family background and lifestyle.
Why choose us?
Because we...

  • Provide a 30-minute consultation to listen and understand your background and requirements;
  • Our Hong Kong matching service selects a partner for you in a personalised way. Only after you have seen the photo and read the profile of the suggested person, and think he/she is suitable, will we arrange a date;
  • In case there are problems during the process, we will discuss and try to resolve the problems with you. We, or our associates, can provide professional advice on self-presentation, make-up or communication skills;
  • We follow up on your impression and comments after your date, and discuss subsequent actions with you;
  • The safeguarding of your privacy is our first priority. Your personal details, photos and your discussions with us are kept absolutely confidential;
  • We will not use your information to carry out promotional activities with other organizations; nor will we transfer your details electronically to suggested partners. Your details are, therefore, absolutely leak-proof.
Our clientele
  • Our clientele consists mainly of people looking for life-long partners.
  • As we offer dating for professional men and women, 95% of our clients are educated to university level or above. They belong mostly to the white-collar class, including professionals, executives, civil servants and business owners; also there are models and celebrities.
  • The age of our clients range from 30 to 50+ for men, and 25 to 40+ for women.
Our Fees
One-time matching fee, no other hidden charges, not long-term contract, please contact us for details.  Standard matching fee include:

  • Various matching packages to fit individual's needs
  • Guaranteed number of date arrangements
  • First-date briefing
  • Table reservation of date 
  • Date reminding
  • Date follow-up

We also provide other personal services like imaging, make-up, styling and photography.  Please refer to Personal Image.

Feel free to contact us for more information about our premium service of matchmaking for professionals and executives. We look forward to meeting you and helping your find a lifelong partner.

The Process
After receiving a telephone or email enquiry, we will invite you to a meeting, in order to find out what you think and what you look for in a partner.
We will try to find you a match in a personalized way, aiming to succeed at first try; or to find you a suitable partner with the minimum number of trials.
After the two parties have seen the photo and read the profile of each other, and if both parties are interested in getting to know one another, then we will arrange a date.
Get ready for a relaxed date.